About us

Milan Luxe provides artisanal bags and fashion accessories made in Italy using traditional methods.  For this reason, we believe in the slow fashion way of making leather products. Our passion is attention to material, details and colour: that’s how we make our fashion accessories. Therefore, we carefully pick our artisans. We want to offer great classic accessories to our customers.

At Milan Luxe we make a point of meeting our suppliers and visit their workshops. We want to establish a long term relationship with our artisans. We love to understand how they work, what materials they use and where they found inspiration for the fashion trends they embrace. As a consequence, at Milan Luxe we prefer to deal with small fashion companies. They have their roots in the wonderful artisanal tradition, most of the time handed down from previous generations.  Because of this, our suppliers can manufacture pieces of great manual skill. When we receive orders to our office we admire all the details and the precision in the execution.

Because we deal with small business we have a degree of flexibility not easily found in larger fashion brands. As a consequence, we can ask to make changes in the production line swiftly and modify details even for one item.

Also, every season we introduce new fashion trends to make our bags accessories to covet.  Above all, we care about our customers and we want to make them happy to come back.